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DO NOT BUY OKI PRODUCTS! I purchased the C711wt printer less than a year ago. It’s broken and even though it still under warranty, this company will not fix or replace it. Basically, they told me that there’s nothing they’re going to do about it. This isn’t a printer you use everyday as the consumables are very expensive and I turn it on only if I have a job that requires it. Because it was PC based and I am a Mac user, I never quite learned how to operate it. Just kept pushing it off because of the difficulty. This printer had issues from day 1, with red light going on, indicating problems, then, the printer was off registration. Finally got around to call Oki to fix it. Their customer service was curt and not very pleasant. They had someone come out to fix the tray, but the issue with the registration still persisted. I didn’t think it was anything serious because on all other printers I had, it’s was always matter of alignment of the head, which you run with software. Well, when I called customer service, they said it might be the drum or the registration assembly. They refused to help me until I purchased and replaced the drums. Which I must bring up that this printer has run less than 50 prints. Mostly running test pages! They were quick to tell me that the drums were not covered. So, reluctantly, I shelled out $270 for the drums. Of course, when I replaced it, it wasn’t the problem. Now I was out $270. Then they said it must be the registration assembly and sent someone to replace it. Well, that wasn’t it either. Interestingly, even before the tech started working on the machine, the customer service person said they were not responsible because it was close to a year and that the warranty was almost up. I should mention that when I first got the printer, the top didn’t close flush, it was up on one side by less than 1/8”. I didn’t think this was an issue and I didn’t do anything about it. Also, I didn’t want to go through the trouble of returning it. I just figured it was a cosmetic issue that I could live with. After they ruled out the registration assembly, they came back and told me that it might be the cover and they’re not covering it because it was close to a year. Then they accused me of dropping the printer. Anywhere you look on the printer, there’s no evidence of it being dropped. This is a very heavy printer, if it was dropped, there would be cosmetic damage. Then they told me that UPS must have done it and that I should take it up with UPS. All in all, they did everything to not do anything even though the printer was under warranty. What is the point of having a 1 year warranty. I have also heard that there’s a lot of registration issues with this printer. So, I think they are aware of the problem. I think their management tells these customer service people to reject any replacement and deny. When I asked for the supervisor, the customer service person would not give me the information, only saying that she would escalate the problem. Basically, I am stuck with a non-working printer that’s less than 1 year old. Out $3,500! I have never heard of a company that was so resistant, unhelpful and does not honor their warranty. They don’t care if they screw the customer. So, for that reason, if you buy it and something goes wrong, this company will screw you! Never again.
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