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I recently started using Duracotton HT and my OKI 3400 to make some shirts for a local school function. I am having some troubles with the print looking great in most areas, but the ink sticking to the paper upon peeling in parts. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

OKI 3400
HEAVY Setting
100% Blacks
Manual insert after running 5-6 sheets of blank paper through.
600x600 dpi

Phoenix Phire 16 x 20
Temp: 406 degrees
Pressure: 8
Time: 14 secs
HOT PEEL (Quickly)
Teflon Sheet for 5 Secs, HOT PEEL (Quickly)

I have added some pics to help understand...

Thanks again!




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It looks like your press has uneven pressure or temperature in the upper platen. Check the temp of the entire surface of the platen. Try increasing the dwell time in increments of 5 seconds. Increase the pressure. I press with very heavy pressure that is well beyond the pressure display can show. Also a soft high temp silicon pad will help even out some of the platen imperfection.

BTW what type and brand of fabric are you using?

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ANVIL, 100% Cotton Tshirt

If the platen has uneven heat...won't increasing the dwell time cause problems for the areas that are already ok?
Also, with increased pressure, am I more apt to see the edge of the transfer more clearly (clear border)?

Thanks for the info...

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Did you ever find out your problem I am having the same problem. Look at my other post not sure if I can do this right #363 Re: New CLC DuraCottonHT Report

Well...i think i figured it out....

It seemed to be a combo of things...

I bought a lint remover (roller) and use it every shirt.

I then adjusted my temp to 407 degrees...

also adjusting my times to 16 seconds / 6 seconds
and increasing my pressure to 8 on my machine (phoenix phire)...

All has made a big difference, but one of the biggest problems I was having was letting my shirts set on the platten too long before using...it seemed they would heat up to a temp that the process didn't like.
Now, I am careful NOT to leave a shirt WARMING and I ALWAYS put any shirt that has a Front and back design off to the side to cool for a while before pressing the second image.

So...keeping my shirts cool before pressing really helps too.

Hope this is a decent starting point for you...

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I have an Okidata 3400 but didn't have the greatest results printing Duracotton HT so I bought a C5650. It works much better for me but I must remember to always run about 10 sheets of regular paper through it before starting to print Duracotton HT. As far as pressing goes, I have found that you must not let the garment warm up on the platen before pressing. Press right away. If doing both sides, let it cool down between presses. I use 410 degrees, heavy pressure for 20 sec. Cotton bags require 25 sec.
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