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Ok how would you print this job?

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Ok so this is my first multiple color job I have had. I am a little nervous going into this so I am looking for some help. I have this job for a local softball park and I don't want to mess it up. 300 shirts. So here we go.

The job consists of 3 colors black, white, and carolina blue.
How would you lay this job out and print it. Do I need to go light colors to dark or dark to light or does that even matter.

This is the image.

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since this is your first multi. I wold flash between each color. what color shirt. if any thing but white i would make 1 screen for white and underbase the blue. Choke the underbase where the blue is by .5pt or 1pt depending on your presses registration abilities. 2 way you can print white, blue, black flashing each time or black, white, blue agian flashing each time the second method may give a better look and cleaner lines. The old timers may say to do the first method. I try both ways and see which I like best
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The color of the shirt is the color of the background in the image
Ok so you are saying use a white under base on all the blue print along with the teeth and eyes for the ball correct?

Print the black first then the white and then the blue.
I actually didn't see the paint splatter so I would print first method using the black as a trap on the white and the blue. Still under basing the blue. Your seps will be more challenging than the printing. Set that up right pre press and you could fly though them. Depending on your press you could butt register the black and blue and print wet on wet but I wouldn't do that on your first multi color

I would print white, blue, black. Yes 1 screen for underbase and all white.
Sweet thanks for the feedback. I am using a sliver press. 4 color 1 station with a micro registration. Its gonna be a challenge but thats the only way I am going to get better at it.
With silver press I would choke the blue parts 1 pt. On the underbase. I printed of a 6/2 for a year. Not a bad press. Maybe add a.10 to .5 pt to black good luck post some pics when you get it printed.
I will and thank you for all your help.
This is the screen printing job. The background color is the shirt color or printed to be on it ?
White (Choke the white with 1 pt stroke), Blue and then Black that traps both colors.
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I'm printing on a Silver too (but without micros). Got a few multi-color jobs coming up that are a first for me too, so this thread has been really informative. Thanks guys.
Well the outcome was good. Had a little alignment issue and first but I got it right. Everyone was really pleased with them overall.

Here is one team that was happy to get them for sure.


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Congrats on the job. I don't think I could ever do 300 on a one station press. Aloha.
It's wasn't fun or easy but it was worth every bit of frustration to see those kids faces.
Congrats on the job. I don't think I could ever do 300 on a one station press. Aloha.
Can I ask why?

Do you load a bunch of shirts onto all your stations and then print them with all the colours? Then take all shirts off, load them in the drier and then load a bunch more on?

I've been loading just 1 shirt at a time onto 1 platen and then doing all my print colours for that shirt, before I remove it and then load another shirt on.

Just interested in increasing efficiency on my 8 colour, 6 station workhorse.

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