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Oh noes! My glitter is melting!

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So, as u can tell by my cries of horror, my glitter melts when I cure my shirts and it doesn't glitter anymore. What kind of glitter do u use when printing with plastisol?
Either mixing it in the ink OR sprinkling it on after putting the ink down. Thanks!

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Hi Kacie

Likely, you're glitter flakes are something other than polyester......acetate, maybe.

Here's an example of a producer of glitter flake for our industry:
Meadowbrook Glitter

If using a craft store as a source, check the label on the glitter package to verify that it is a poly flake.

Happy trails!
Yep I have tried the craft store glitter which does not work when mixed with plastisol. you have to have the correct glitter flake product for the glitter to remain after heating.
I used a clear base mixed with craft store glitter and after heating all I could see was clear base and very little glitter:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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