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my husband and i have been farming blueberries in central for 15 years.:)
i have always had a passion for sewing, but anymore it is cheaper to buy clothes on sale than make them. i began decorating apparel and tote bags on a husqvarna home embroidery machine, but soon moved into the commercial field with a single head 1501 from swfeast. i was happy with that for about 6 months because people wanted tshirts with pictures on them. we purchased the dtg kiosk about 2 years ago.
i call the dtg my very expensive boat anchor and it has become our money pit. i think now, after a 2-year learning period, i am finally getting the hang of it.:confused:
i would like to find a less expensive source for supplies. i think swf is very high priced and proprietary in their supplies. us poor folks trying to mak all this work so we can make at least enough money to pay the bills would like a break!;)
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