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Offset printing Neoflex

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I've had the same problem come up twice recently where the color layer will print about a half inch off from the underbase. it's quite frustrating. Its not my feed adjust, my encoder strip is clean. I'm at a loss of ideas and I cant afford to keep wasting shirts???
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Encorder inside cleaned too? Round one.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
I had the same problem but I found if you rip the design first then it won't do it anymore. Weird flaw in the system.
Couple things to try:

1. Shorter high quality USB cable (Gold Plated) - Plugged into the back of the printer not under the base.
2. Get more RAM for the PC
3. Verify nothing is updating online causing an issue
4. RIP the job before printing it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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