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Hello everyone,
Orion Origin here, we are a web agency that is committed to making user-friendly, beautifully designed online customization solutions. We have been working on a T-shirt customization plugin for WooCommerce called Allada T-shirt Designer and it’s finally ready!
This community has one way or the other, contributed to this plugin. We would love to give back to it and also get your feedback. Hence, we are offering a coupon, for one year of free access to the plugin for the first year.

If you are interested, here is the coupon code → U5BTQSF3
To know more about Allada, kindly click here.
I like the look of what you have done so far, but I'm thinking that maybe your Demo is not at the same release level as the plugin that you are currently selling? I tried out your Demo, and ran into a number of issues. I'd be happy to share the issues that I encountered. Please feel free to follow up with me via email and I'll send you the list of bugs I ran into.
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