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Re: Kornit with bling

Excuse me JACKASS!... I was asking because of the appareance of the print NOT THE PHOTO!
I know the difference trust me as it has the same look as MANY OTHER KORNIT PRINTS POSTED...
I have seen many from justin who has posted in the past like the Skull with the purple suit etc. That was NICE print.
I'm tired of the sensitive BS in this forum. I wasn't criticizing you pic i was asking for knowledge to see if it was intentional or not.
MAN this is supposed to be an open forum and all that ever happens is if your not kissing somebody's *** you either edited by being removed or your jump on. GROW UP!

Sounds like the Republican today. Becuase they didn't like the TOOOOOOOONE they voted no. What kinda BullSH*t is that.
I'm here as a contributor to learn and understand but all people want in the forums OOOH WHAT nice PIC , OOH WOW. Come on man Grow UP. The facts are the facts. Please don't blur them with childish stuff like that. I have no reason to discredit your print. I have nothing to gain. why must you go there.

This will probaby will be deleted to. Last time I looked I was AMERICAN and had freedom of speech.

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Just wanted to let you know I have moved these posts as the first one was not necessary and the second was totally offensive. The other posters comments have also been edited. If you don't like something you see you should probably not comment on it, or maybe post it in a manner that does not sound demeaning to the persons abilities. The poster was sharing a picture of something he made and it was nice of him to do so.

You are right you do have the freedom of speech in America, but last time I looked this was a privately owned forum and the rules are the discretion of the forum owner. If you do not want to follow the rules then I don't know what to tell you.

Your last post broke so many rules I am not even going to list them. You might want to go read them and check for yourself.
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