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Jetprosofstretch is manufactured by Neenah paper.

A great way to find all the suppliers of JPSS is to simply Google Jetprosofstretch, or JET-Pro sofstretch. (The technical name for Jetprosofstretch is JET-Pro with a circle R, and then SofStretch with a TM.)

At first, we were only aware of Coastal Business as a supplier, but later on, more and more suppliers started to carry it. When I googled Jetpro sofstretch to find out how many were now out there, many suppliers returned, including New Milford Photo, tshirtsupplies.com, and Alpha Supply. Two of these are forum sponsors. NMP runs sales, and if you sign up for the newletter, you will get an email of special sales codes. NMP also recently cut their normal pricing on JPSS.

I won't vouch for any supplier. While I've had favorable experiences, not everyone does. From reading on the forum, suppliers can have a bad day here and there. I go ahead say they are good, and you have a bad experience on their bad day, and you are looking to me. Sorry, not going there. :)

@John, I will email you the contact info I have. It looks to me like tshirtsupplies.com has realized the issues with ordering and contacting them. They are changing that. I wish they'd get the changes done so life can get moving along smoothly. I like to recommend them on price, once they finish re-vamping the site, hopefully their site will be good like their pricing. I'll check if I have a contact number for them. ROQ/Mydamit, has mentioned calling them. I wonder if he has a phone number.

One word of caution, The Paper Ranch as a paper they call JetPro, and that paper is not JET-Pro SofStretch. If you look to the Paper Ranch for supplies, be very careful not to end up with the wrong product.

For outside of the US, if nothing via Google returns, going directly to Neenah's website will lead to more information on Global Supplies. I've been there and they list their distributors.
I guess I need to start selling it. When you do a google search for jet pro SofStretch I come up 2nd. I even come before the manufacture.. Lou
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