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off contact issue

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Currently i have 18x18 aluminum plattens and am using large newman roller frames that exceed the platten size. The question i have, is placing the off contact on the the mesh going to have different results than it being placed on the frame? I am having a huge problem with fibrillation and wondering if the off contact on the mesh instead of the frame, could cause part of the problem. If it could, Im gonna have to build rails that run under the screen from left to right to get an even off contact. This is on an 8-4 hopkins press with double springs on each head to hold the screens up.
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Can you reposition your board. You use off contact on the screen but, your prints won't be consistent. I would say reposition your board or use a smaller screen. You may need to adjust your graphic or deal with a very small inkwell area.
I can reposition the board, but that doesn't matter due to the screen size. It will always over hang because the plattens are square.
I do a little oversize one color printing on the old 4x4 hopkins here--I don't have any problem with taping a shim on the mesh near the outside edge of the platen, but again, not sure how it would affect multicolor reg.
I was having a big problem with fibrillation a little while back on my pre-stretched screens and thought the off contact was to blame as well because i needed my squeegees to be smashing the ink through the screen. Any less pressure and I would miss the edges on parts of my images. It turned out that all I needed to do is add an extra coat to my emulsion when I was coating screens. I ended up bumping up from 2 strokes to 4 strokes on each side of my 110 screens. This allowed more ink to flood in and required much much less squeegee pressure. I would try this first before getting elaborate with shims and rigging, it might be all you need to do.
I think, that it is either I am pushing hard or the off contact tab is not wide enough. I am using a washer the size of a quarter and I have the Newman Roller MZX 23x28" OD w/ Square Bar.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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