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Odd Design Request for Bulk Order

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We want to design a shirt that looks like it has been sweated in, (i.e., light grey shirt with dark grey spots around collar and arm pits).

We don't really want to have a plastic like screen print that is uncomfortable and awkward looking. Are there any suggestions for solutions? Would dyeing be an option? It will be a bulk order that we are looking at so that likely plays into it.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Maybe manually applying a watered down waterbased ink via a spray bottle would work? i would set up some kind of a contraption to put the shirt on to expose the pits well enough to spay them so they look convincing. Sounds like an interesting idea.
Maybe sort of a tie-dye method where you dip the shirt into a watery dye. I would turn the shirt inside-out, though, because when you sweat you wet the shirt from the inside.
well you could use pigment based printing... u still do it via screens.. and you do not feel a thing... its very comfortable and you will get the same print on the thousands of pcs. you plan to do...
if the screens is broken down properly you can get different colour density using a single colour....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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