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NY Surfing Production Company starting clothing line

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Whats going on everyone?

A few years back my friends, professional surfers, started their own production company based out of NY. NYSEA.com check it out. Since, launching NYSEA we have created a local and national buzz.

We have previously made t shirts and hats but got ripped off. Not only did we pay 9dollars per shirt but the quality was ridiculous bad.

Since then we have created several amazing designs and are ready to launch our brand. We know there is a huge demand for our products and are confident that if we start this venture on the right foot we can be very successful.

Since we are new i was hoping you guys can help me out and give me some pointers as to how:

1) should we approach this business?
2) where to find the top manufactures? who have competitive prices, top quality, and wont rip us off.
3) questions to ask ourselves.
4) how much should we sell each shirt,hat for?

Please help
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Hey Boris,

I really like your website and i think you have some great designs and a killer logo! All the things you have questions about are really important, large topics, and different from one another.

I would recommend breaking them up into four questions and posting them in the appropriate forum sections i.e. Marketing, Ecommerce, Offline retail...etc. This way people can tackle one question at a time and give you some answers. Also, be specific when naming your thread like "Questions on expanding surf brand in local NY market and online..."

I'll try to give you my thoughts on the questions later today.

Good luck!
Yoyo! Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find all the answers you need here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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