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numbering problems

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Hi, I am very new at this--as in the order I'm talking about will be my first decent order.
I'm making volleyball shirts. I have a six inch numbering kit for the back, but they want 3inch numbers on the front. I CAN'T afford to buy a kit, or even the premade stencils for sale out there. Any advice? can I make stencils? Help, I don't want to go under this soon!!!
Michelle K
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let's hear all the equipment you have immediate access to and what you know you can do and then i'll see if i can help.

don't worry, you can't go out of business if it hasn't even started yet!

hope to hear back
Well, we have a four color, four station screen printer (770 series from Printa) an Epson 1400, we use Corel for art. (My husband does most of it) We don't have a vinyl cutter (again $$$) We have a sublimation system...but we need to use cotton t-shirts so that out. I know I'm pretty clueless....we didn't get a lot of training when we bought the stuff. Thanks a lot for the reply...:rolleyes:
(also we have about every mesh of screen they offer, except the really wide ones for like glitter inks...)
how many shirts in the order, and have you already priced it for the customer?
I have the same 770 system, print the numbers out on the printer and make several screens, the easy way is to gang the 3 inch numbers on one or two or maybe three screens and block out the numbers on the screen that your not using.

It will take a little longer, but it is cheap.

Hope this makes sense.
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Brilliant I tell you, Brillant!!!
I may even try to sneak 4 on one (in the name of cheapness)
Did you feel well trained after you bought the 770? Just a question....
I went out and spent a day training, it got me started. I have played a lot with different things and asked a lot of questions. This board has been a big help.

Now I'm staying pretty busy doing shirts
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