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Number Printing

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Guys ok I need help. What is the best way to go about screen printing numbers. What is the best machine/equipment to use?

Does anyone have the new Ryonet numbering system? It seems pretty simple?
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One of the issues with all the numbering systems I found is clean up. Particularly the systems that have an individual screen for each number. You will spend a lot of time cleaning ink out of screens with those. They do a great job of actually printing the numbers, but when you factor all the time of cleaning the black ink out of the screen for your next job that needs white ink I am not sure if you save any time. I started with stencils, thought there has got to be a better way, bought one of the numbering systems and I believe when you consider all the time involved outlined above I think stencils are faster particularly when you are doing one team. If you were doing a entire league then the system would be faster. I try to use vinyl whenever possible and if they want two color I like the screen printed transfer numbers from transfer express.
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I have the quick draw system. I have 2 sets of screens. I never clean the ink out. I offer 1 font 6" and that's it.

I will agree without 2 set of screens switching ink sucks. I did it once. The quick draws screen rack holds 20 screens. I charge $2 ea if you group your numbers with a multi station press you can whip out numbers quickly. I did 14 reversible basketball uniforms today. 4 color logo. Front. Numbered backs. At same time she wanted 103 tshirts.

Finished the day with a nice little profit. I've tried vinyl, plastisol transfers, stencils, the vinyl is time consuming. The plastisol transfers are great for cotton but for the 100% poly I just don't like the look on the 100% poly. Didn't like the stencils personally.
I believe I could make one of those attachments. Frame with no screen. Buy the little frames and use them with a plate to hold them in place.
screen printed transfer numbers are a great way to go if you aren't printing numbers all the time. They are easy and fast to apply with a heat press
I print transfers, 4 numbers to a screen and flash them. That way you can do any font, you only need 3 screens and it's simple to cut together any combination of numbers. :)
I agree that the plastisol transfers are a great option. If someone could point me to some that will look good on 100% poly I would sell my numbering system.

I have made my own transfers with a 50-60 micron stencil using 100% poly ink and the bright with looks a very light gray on black. The direct screen printed numbers stay bright white.
We use the In-line numbering system which works and is fairly quick as well as screen printed transfers.
using 100% poly ink and the bright with looks a very light gray on black. The direct screen printed numbers stay bright white.
Does it take time for the dye to migrate, or is a matter of not covering well?
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