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Number placement

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I need to put a 6 " number on the front of the tee shirt and there is no team name. How far down should I place the number. Using the size guide I go by a 6" design should be placed 3.25 " from bottom of collar, but this seems high for just a number. Any suggestions or guides would be helpful. Thanks so much
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Where does your client want it......Our opinions do not matter if your client thinks otherwise...
Client said to put it where I think it should go
Client said to put it where I think it should go
Then you are caught between a rock and a hard place.....I hate clients who make me guess at what they want......

If it looks odd because of there you are placing it, it is probably too small and IMO you should use a larger number....
Thanks for your help. I agree single clients are sometimes more trouble than they are worth.
as a suggestion, next time print the number on a piece of paper at the correct size and let them move it around on the shirt until they're happy. Then it's on them.
We start names 2 or 3 inches down form the neckline and the number 1 to 3 inches down from that depending on the name and number size. In your case I would look to 5 inches down. If not that then a consistent location relative to the armholes.
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The best way I've found to do this type of thing is to "eyeball" it. Print out a number on paper and roughly cut it out. Now have someone (or a mannequin) put on a blank shirt and tape the number about where you think it should go. Now step back a few yards and have a look. Adjust the height until it looks right and measure the distance to the neck seam with the width of your fingers so you can easily mark the position on your pallet.
this is something you should print out and put on the wall next to each press you have.

also it's good to figure out placement of your design before burning screens i.e. you don't want to burn your screen with a left chest print too far or too low on your screen depending on the platen sleeve and if you can secure the platen to the arm or not. (hard to explain, but when you do it, you'll know what i'm talking about).
type in image placement cheat sheets on this forum and your own search engine.
also it's good to figure out placement of your design before burning screens
I wish I had a nickel for every time I've burned a screen for tote bags and while rinsing it realized the image was upside down...DOH!

Last time I did that I was able to salvage the screen by doing a little clever pallet-jockeying...
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