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Hi Guys,

I am very new to this caper and I am just working out the number of screens etc I wld need to start doing some home screen printing so I have two quick questions that are very novice. Firstly can you use the same screen for different colours ie I want to print a design in black on a white T and the same design in white on a purple T so can I use the same screen and just wash it or do I have to have two separate screens?

Secondly I am wanting to do one sized designs that fits all T-shirt sizes so I only need to make up one screen for each design. At the moment I am planning on making the designs about 12”x12” for circled logo type designs, do you think this would be alright for both adult male and female small – 2XL, or is it going to look to gigantic on the small females, I know its probably depends on personal taste but I thought Id see if anyones used a similar size before and can save me from learning its wrong the hard way!

Thanks all,


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Yes, you can reuse the screen for different colors.

12 inches wide is usually the largest I go too. But for a circular design, I might go smaller to better accommodate female sizes. If it were me, I would probably go 10 inches, which is still a decent size even on Mens XXL . I would print out your design at 10 inches, 11, & 12 inches on paper, cut and place on a shirt to see how it would look.
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