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Hi, Guys!

New to the world of DTG and printing in general. We are from Latin America and bought a Breeze about 6 months ago.

We've been printing without major issues, however, in the past couple of weeks we've been facing the issue of Negative Pressure too high. I've found some super helpful post on this and other issues (such as http://www.t-shirtforums.com/kornit/t541346.html) but we haven't been able to fix it so far.

Quick run through issues we've had and solutions we've found:


- When turning the machine on NP level is "too high", it started out as being around -3.1 (-2.72 is normal) and quickly coming down to normal, however, as the problem has intensified, we've found it has started higher (-4.86 is the record) and coming down at increasingly slower rates

- During Printing it pauses with levels. We've been facing higher and higher levels of NP and slower and slower rates of it coming down as the problem carries on

- Degassing valve and motor wouldn't turn off for hours


We've had a lot of help from Kornit technicians, however, we're still having this issue and only seems to get worse! things we've done include:

- Making sure everything is tight and secure. We found that some of the lines from the splitter, the degassing valves and even to and from the sensors and gas tank in back of the ink had some humidity. We dried and made sure everything was tight again

- We cleaned the S-tank for W2 (it had a ton of sediment!)

- changed the P values for the degas system. Kornit values (at least what we've been told) are: P1 & P3: -57, P2 & P4: -67. We've tried P1 & P3: -59, P2 & P4: -60 which seemed to fix the problem but it was temporary, now we're at P1 & P3: -30, P2 & P4: -40 and again, it seems to be fixed but we're worried if its temporary (this also fixed the issue of the valve and motor always being on)

- Temporary fix for pressure too high while printing: hitting the "Purge & Wipe" button on the pannel (not the sotware) would relief pressure for an hour or so

So that's our story so far, if anyone else has had this issue and found a permanent solution we would be super gratefull, if anyone has any coments on our fixes (either good or bad) we'll also be glad to hear! Again we're still learning (I don't think we could even qualify as Padawans yet) so any input from you is super valuable.

Thanks and we're glad to have found this community :) .... CHEERS!

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you are looking in the wrong direction. The degas system is a different system from the NP systems.

Did you check the vacuum release valve?
there is a pdf in the Kornit support area with the right procedure to release a stuck valve.

Also check that the the tap placed after the valve is not completely closed.
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