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Now need a cutter, what are the differences??

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Good evening,

I had planned on using KissCut inkjet paper, placed my order for A3 sheets and brought an £108 guillotine to cut it down to size, as and when.
Ive just been refunded my money after waiting 3 weeks, with a Paypal notes saying there is a problem with the supplier. So now I have a big ole guillotine with no use, and need to source different paper (Im going to check out YOLO and the JSS). My issue is now that I need my designs cut out, and know nothing about cutters?

SO far I think Ive sussed that a contour cutter does the printing AND cuts the design out.
I have a my printer and CISS, so just need something that I can put the paper in and it cuts around my design. What do I need to type into Ebay/Goolgle, and is there an ideal Make/Model?
I dont have much capital left now (this is unforeseen) so looking for under £300, if possible.
Also is it still the same piece of equipment as the Vinyl cutters, even though Im not using vinyl?

Thank you so much for helping someone who's ever so slightly stressed now!!

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A vinyl cutter will just cut vinyl according to your design.
A contour cutter will register the vinyl with respect to the cutter to allow you to cut around pre-printed graphics. This can be done with a semi-manual method (laser dot) or with an ARMS system which is automatic after you line up the vinyl to the first crop mark.
A printer-cutter will do both print and contour cut your decals.
Some cutters, like stencil cutters, will be able to both contour cut your decals and perf-cut through the vinyl allowing you to punch your contour cut decal from the roll.

Are you near Secabo? Perhaps they can help you with a cutter.
Thank you for that, Whats a Secabo??
Im Not using Vinyl, so what do I need for heat transfer paper??

Thanks again,

I see. Secabo is a place in Europe that sells vinyl cutters.
Vinyl cutters cut materials that come on a carrier or release liner or substrate.
A vinyl cutter can cut non-liner backed materials with a cutting mat. A cutting mat has a tacky surface (like a post-it note) for holding the material while it is being cut and serves as a surrogate release liner. Here is an example of a cutting mat:
Vinyl Cutter Cutting Mat - SagaCNC
A cutting mat will only go so large. If you are trying to cut paper on a roll, then you would need a stencil cutter or garment plotter / apparel plotter. These units can cut paper and leave little webs so you can tear out the stencil from the roll after it is cut. Here are examples of stencil cutters:
Stencil Plotter Cutter
You can also cut paper with a flat-bed cutter.
There are a couple exceptions. A vinyl cutter can cut magnetic material which does not come on a release liner. The magnet material is basically scored (cut approximately 80-90% through the thickness). When it is cut, you basically crack off the part from the roll by wiggling it and bending it. Here is an example of a magnet cut on a vinyl cutter: http://www.cutterpros.com/Recommend...ral-Testimonial-Testament-Tribute-Kevin-P.pdf
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