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Not sure what to do...

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Newbie here... not sure if im posting this in the correct spot or not, but...I need help. I am just starting out with making shirts and am extremely small time. I have a 30 shirt order for a pretty intricate design, with the possibility of being the companys go to for apparel which will get me at the very least 90-120 pieces per year. I currently have a vinyl cutter and a heat press and they have been great! Where I am lost at is I don't know whether I should buy the stuff for screenprinting and begin doing screenprint shirts also or if I should do the companys shirts in vinyl. The weeding with vinyl will be insanely tedious, but I am ok with that for now. Im just not sure what the standard for something like a company shirt is. They want the company name on the back with an intricate picture of a conveyer showing all the beams and rollers and then on the front pocket their logo with each employees name above the pocket. I am currently struggling with funds, as is, so the extra expense of screen printing materials and a screen press scares the crap out of me, but at the same time, Im not sure that I can get the same intricut detail from my vinyl cutter as I could with a screen press.
I have done large qty orders before with layering, but never something with such detail.

Maybe I need to spend more time refining the image? I currently just use inkspace but the image gets pretty blotchy when i trace the bitmap. Attached is an image of the conveyer they would like.

Any thoughts or help would be extremely appreciated!! What would you guys do? Or what did you do when you got your first "big" order?
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Screen printing individual names is a no no for me. My advice is to explain to your customer what can, and can't, be done with the equipment you have.

Try looking into self weeding methods rather than move into screen printing, which is a whole other ball game that needs expertise, and that takes time and money.
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