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Hi, hope someone can help me out on this. I recently installed the AI Cutwizard plug-in for use with the silhouette cameo. It seems all is fine in setting the registration marks around the image and printing out. However, come time to cut, the plug-in asks to line the tool to the first reg mark but when you compare it to how it is supposed work (YouTube video by hobbyplotter.de) it just doesn’t happen that way. The cutter/plug-in goes through a motion of scanning the first mark, over to the right, back to the left and then half up the page back to the first mark. It then proceeds to cut as if to ignore the reg marks and use the first mark as just an origin point. Suffice to say, the cuts way off.
Has anyone had the same issue and somehow remedied it. The creators of the plug-in are based in Germany so communication and response isn’t on the ball. Additionally to note I’ve separately carried out optical contour cutting using the silhouette studio software without any issue...so I know it isn’t the kit just the plug-in by the looks of things. Any help or ideas please!
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