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non-woven polypropelene totes

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Will these melt in my dryer?

can these be printed in traditional platisol or are they printed/cured in another way?
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No one has printed this stuff??
well, I guess I'll answer my own question...

for anyone interested, they melt.
I would suggest that you check up with Nazdar,they can supply you with the special inks and instructions for printing on polypropelene items.
The non-woven polyprop totes usually are a real pain. For the darks I use waterbased high opaque ink (mixed with hardener) with a low mesh count. I cure them in a Workhorse dryer at around 220° F at mid speed. If you have the possibility to open and close the height of the in and out of your dryer then put everything up in order to let air flow in.
Today we printed two orders of 400 op those bags and we managed to pull it of in just over one hour per job with 2 operators.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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