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Non-OEM CIS Bulk System

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Looking at purchasing a NON-OEM Cis bulk system for myEpson R1800.I have seen so many different types on Ebay at all different prices.Wondering when buy a system is a $49.00 system any different than a $80.00 system ? I plan on usuing Pigment ink.Can you print photos with Pigment ink as well as transfers ? Wondering if there is a place that rates the NON-OEM Cis system is there also a Ciss system and whats that all about ?

Thanks For All Your Help
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I prefer not to recommend any specific companies, but I will recommend you buy the CIS from a company based in the US and not from some eBay auction. While you will not be able to find a CIS that's built in the US, with a States-based company you will have a CIS that is less likely to leak or otherwise fail to work, that has quality aftermarket inks, and troubleshooting support if you need it. They have tested the systems and have put together what they think is the best combination of aftermarket parts for the CIS to work.

People do buy systems off eBay with no problems, but if you do run into problems you won't get any help with it. Also, the preferred inks are Image Specialists, which is higher quality and much more likely to be a good match to the OEM inks.
I would appreciate it very much if you can tell me where you purchased your system ? I want a great quality ink but I have know idea which company to find the ink that is close to OEM. I don't want to make a mistake and end up the a bad system or cheap ink. I would appreciate it if you could offer a few suppliers that I could look at to buy a good system. I'm new at this and don't want to learn the hard way if I can help it. Thank You for your support
The one most people here seem to buy from is Cobra Ink (which is not where I got mine). Their system is contoured to attach to the printer nicely, unlike a lot of other ones I've seen. Other well known companies are InkJetCarts (which is where I got mine from), InkJetFly, OctoInkJet (which is based in the UK but has reasonable shipping rates), and MIS Associates. I'm sure I've missed a few big names, I'm sure other people will post their own favorites. Some of these companies have a separate "heat transfer" inkset with a duller yellow (yellow tends to overpower the image after being heat pressed), but this can also be corrected for with regular aftermarket inks by reducing the yellow saturation in your image. Epson OEM inks seem to be so strongly yellow after pressing that it's not fixable.
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Thank You so very much the information you gave me is just what I needed,I wrote two people on eBay who bought to bulk system I was looking at and both have had nothing but problems.Between you and those two guys you just saved me from wasteing my money and saving my printer.So Thankful for this T-Shirt Forum,don't know where I would be without people like you helping people like me from making huge mistakes!!! Thank You So Very Much !!!!! Like they say "You Get What You Pay For":)
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