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NOB here, few questions about rhinestones transfer

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Hi to all.

I’m new on this forum, and I’m (unfortunately) far away from USA, in eastern Europe.
I have one question and I hope you will be so kind to help me.

I’m involved in design and art for a whole my life but a T-Shirt business is relatively new to me.
I am mostly helping my GF.
I’m interested in rhinestones transfer, but I’m not so sure about terminology.
I had no idea about term "rhinestones". I call them crystals, all my life.

So, you guess what is my question.
I saw and read a lot on the web, maybe would buy Roland EGX-350 (I have Adobe CS2, so I’m fine with software), because here we don’t have any custom rhinestones “stickers” maker (but there are not to many needs also!).
I could supply some small garments manufacturers.

So, I would really be appreciatively if someone could tell my what exactly is base for engraving? Is that some kind of cardboard, plastic?
In addition I saw a lot of video on You Tube and on almost every different video, they use some other engraving base?
I would like to know, what is best base for engraving, and how would you describe it in most simpler words.

I need names, brands, everything you can tell me.

In my country, when one tell Transfer paper, it is understand that he/she talks about paper for transferring silk prints to garments (T-Shirts mostly).

However, on lot of photos, I see papers, which have two components, “Oily” foundation, and sticky transparent “plastic/PVC/acryl” base for rhinestones fixing.

Thank you very much, all!

English is not my native language. And I’m not too much in to T-Shirts “advanced” terminology, so don’t mind if my question is little nob for you guys & galls :)
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Welcome to the forums!

There are many great threads on do-it-yourself rhinestone transfers that you should read over before investing in expensive equipment.....

I learned a lot from them, and now I'm doing them by hand!
Thanks, but my girlfriend manufactures a fashion T-Shirts for more than 10 years. She have a small designers brand. As our country doesn't protect us at all, we must fight against most famous foreign manufacturers & brands here.
So, i need profesional solution. We have some 200-400 pieces of garment in one serie and i can't afford to do anything by hand, what i don't have to do. And i really like what I saw in Roland demo movie on you tube!

Thanks for your time!
If you like Roland...check out this link Rhinestone Setting System
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Thanks, that looks nice, but i'm not able to buy that in europe :(
Service & support is also on Rolands site... Their office is literally few hundred meters from my location.

By the way, i have HP 2600n and i research a little on this forum about its color transper posibilities for sample manufacturing. Do you maybe have some Youtube page about your paper? Thanks!
Misko011 there are duracotton distributors in Europe..go to the manufacturer's web site
AutoART DuraCotton Digital Heat Transfer Papers and click on the distributors tab to find the one closest to you
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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