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hi all, recently bought a used dtg kiosk 2

i cannot get it to draw ink from the bottles to through the lines and to the dampers

i can push manually cleaning fluid through the lines so i dont think they are blocked

also the lines were pre fluched prior to me buying the machine

i press the ink fill button, i get the sound of the motor trying to so its job but not a lot happens, perhaps i get slight movement in some lines, also only the cleaning solution and black ink have ink in their respective bottles at the moment.

i was aware i would need a new head so ... but i assumed i would be able to at least charge up the dampers

also the capping station will draw fluid through to the waste ink tank

any ideas?


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If you need a new head then the ink isn't going to flow into the dampers. An ideal set-up will not have any clogs in the general flow of ink. Look at it this way:

Bottled Ink > Ink Lines > Dampers> *Printhead*> Capping Station> Waste Ink Lines> Waste Ink Bottle

*if this is clogged and you are pressing ink fill the so the ink has no where to go*

Your pinch point is the printhead it needs to draw fluid and its not. If you haven't already, you need to stop pressing ink fill cause you can damage your motherboard. Any parts of the flow quotation gets dried up or clogged this is what causes "popped fuses", damages to your printhead and ribbon cable.
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