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No ink coming through on Epson 1400

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Hey all,

Just wondering if someone could shed some light on my problem. I have an Epson 1400 with a Artanium bulk system fed into it.. Everything has been going swimmingly until last week when I relocated to Germany. I put my bulk system into the box that it came in, I carefully loaded my car up with the printer, box and other various bits and bobs, drove to Germany (from Belgium), unpacked and set everything up, and awesome, everything works. Phew! Until the next day and I notice that one of the colours isn't coming through.. so I do a few (too many?) head cleans and low and behold, NONE of the colours are coming through.. I would say about 1% ink comes out on the page.. Could it be that I just did too many head cleans and clogged the heads? If so, can anybody recommend a solution?

It would be really helpful to have any feedback if anybody else has had a similar problem.

BTW, the printer is only about 7 months old..

Thanks a lot,
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Does your CIS have clips to stop the flow when moved? Are they unclipped and the hoses not dented? Otherwise it sounds like you lost CIS vacuum, you may have to pretend like it's a new system just being set up.

Don't keep running cleaning cycles with zero inkflow, you don't want to burn out the printhead.
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