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No Film?

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I know this question may be getting old but.....

Is there a transfer paper yet that WILL NOT transfer a film? We only want letters and prefer not ordering from screen printers. We don't want to go the vinyl route, just print by way of ink jet and then heat transfer as needed.

If the answer is NO, which paper shows the least amount of film for light and dark colors?

Thank you.....
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The magic touch wow 7.1
The magic touch wow 7.1
Holy R & D!

Does the WOW stand for what it does or, how much it costs? At $6.50 a sheet, I would not see much profit.

Perhaps other manufacturers will create some competitive prices some day.

I have had great success with JPSS on lights, it does leave a little residue behind but washes out after 1 or 2 washes, 350, heavy pressure, 25seconds, awesome results
Thanks for the info. However, we recently spent a day with someone to learn "everything I needed to know about screen printing that I didn't know"????

After a day with someone that knew what they were doing, we took our Yudu off of Craigslist, bought some emulsion sheets that costs tons less, bought some plastisol ink, bought some transfer paper to screen print the ink onto, and away we go!

Oh, we don't have a flash dryer. Guess what!?!?!?!? Our oven at 400 degrees for 45 to 60 seconds is doing the job (for now). We have successfully made over a dozen shirts. We've laundered them and it is working!!!!! The ink transferred really well at 400 on the heat press at 17 seconds.

(I get a little over-excited sometimes)

Our latest, "Eiigy Pocr Off Browns" was a success at our first NFL tailgate today.

Thank you everyone for the tips and, thank you t-shirtforums.com!
I would also like to know!——heat press

Sure! What would you like to know? We are reaaaaaaaly green but, will share all we are learning.

The shirts we just did will be on our web site during the next day or two and you can see how well they did. Just add ".com" to our name.

We just bought some more supplies (inks, emulsion remover, degreaser, dehazer) today and got more great advice.
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