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No Communication

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hey, hope this is the right forum to post my technical issues.

running the mh721, with xp desktop pc. i have a usb, lpt1, com1, cables.. tried all multipull times and i cannot get this dam thing working. it use to.. now it wont. im sure im looking over a setting or something but i cant see it anywhere.

ive got the SBE trial version. very basic program so i also "aquired" Vinylmaster Pro. which i prefer as it is a lot more detailed.

i cant get vmp to pick up my cutter at all, not even for test cuts. and in sbe i can get it to send the file to teh cutter, but then it just plain wont cut.

theres just no comm. between the pc and the cutter. i dont think the pc is playing up as it says the ports are working.. and i dont think my lpt and serial leads would both die at the same time.. at least very unlikely.

pleeeease help, ive been paid for jobs i cant even start!
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make sure your drivers are installed properly. in XP you will usually want to install the drivers BEFORE connecting your printer.

Disconnect the printer and restart your computer. Install the Drivers, restart, and then connect your printer. This should help.
as far as i know theres no refine drivers, what others would there be?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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