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Greetings T'Shirt Forums, this is Michael Nguyen of galleryMN.com

I won't be here long, and it's kind of a waste to drop off information and leave after just 1 post, but I've discovered everything I needed about screen printing from you guys & girls before even registering, via stalking. So perhaps I'd like to return the favor while also helping out a company that I'd hope to support for a while. No worries, I'm not a confidant of this place by any means.

STUFF4PRINT.COM sells inkjet film for the best prices I've seen so far. Royal Winsor is the waterproof product line. I've already run a test print on my all-black cartridge Epson 1400, and the results are pitch black.
Dye and ink both work on it even though the listings say that it prefers pigment.

13 x 100' roll of water proof goes for about $60.

100 13 x 19" sheets go for $95, which is still a few dollars below the average.

There are all sorts of other sizes as well, but those seem to be the most appealing sizes for the average job. For now, as of April 27th, 2010; he's offering free shipping.

Those numbers win me over, but since I do fine art prints, I don't need a lot of film. Quite frankly, I don't want this guy to not be in business the next time I need to order another roll. That's probably my main concern.

If there is another online shop you can suggest that beats these prices, please visit my webpage and use the contact link at the top of my page and notify me, as we're all looking for the best prices.

Thanks for all the help, I don't need to log in to learn but it's always appreciated; haha. It took a lot of effort to get this information to you, don't delete me just because I'm a nobody over here.

Peace out.

Epson 1400 All Black Test:

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