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No blue in print

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I am trying to print a pix from corel and it has a blue sky but the blue sky isn't printing but everything else is. I did a nossle check and the blue is coming out. Any ideas of why this is doing this? This is on white shirt.
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Are you printing directly out of Corel or importing the file into Fast Artist then into your Rip?
Straight from Corel. That is what I always do.
If you print another graphic with blue in it does it print the blue?
No, I tried another pix to see and it didn't print either. The blue has different shades, like clouds and darker spots but none of it shows up.
Is the other file one you have printed before?
No it was a new pix to. But I have printed pix with blue skys before and never had a problem.
I would try to find a graphic that you have printed before that has blue in it to see if it's a problem with your file/Corel or a problem with the printer. You are designing in CMYK correct?
I will try that.thanks
also, since you have corel draw you should have corel paint incorporated .. select edit bitmap.. there you can see if the blue may be transparent there will be flashing lines around the area and you may see directly through the image which may cause it not to print.

also, try clicking on adjust > image adjustment lab another window will pop
take the ink dropper (two on the right hand side) take the white one and drag it over the blue images.. and see what colors they are reading.

if they are reading at 100% white this may be why or if they aren't reading at all they may be transparent..

I hope this helps
Ok..I opened it in paint and the lines weren't flashing and I'm not sure what the eyedropper was suppose to do. Also I thought it was suppose to print in RGB. I tried to convert to CMYK but not sure I had it right because there was so many places to change it. How do I change the pix to CMYK?
I'll leave this one to Pat since I'm not versed in Corel......Oh Pat! :D
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