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Nike Football (Soccer) Shirts UK

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Hi peeps,

I have a client who runs 25 football teams, they use us as a secondary supplier as we can't source the Nike shirts for less than their main supplier charge, even if I sell them at cost.

I need to find a large distributor of Nike Football shirts in the UK or contacts to go direct to Nike.

I'd be likely to order 400 to 500 shirts a season, so need them at a good price, they are getting them for £10.50 per shirt, they are all kids sizes so there is no VAT.

Can anyone help me get them regularly and cheaper. At £10.50 their supplier makes money on the shirt alone and then add cost for embroidery and print.

The club would consider Adidas or Nike, but Adidas seem even more expensive, they won't use any other brand.

Any help, contacts or advice would be gratefully received.
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Nike are very protective about the supply of their brand, and it is unlikely that you will get in the door with a smaller order. Even if you did you would be unlikely to be able to beat the price of £10.50. They like to control the price too. You would pay £8.50 for an 'off brand' like lotto.

If the brand has become more important to your client than the game then he is going to have to pay.
They don't really mind who supplies them they just want the best price, what I meant was, I want to win the contract to supply and print all their kits, but I can't if I can't find nike kits at a good price.
Most of the big sportswear brands when it comes to the plain stuff for teamkits etc will only deal with you if you're going to meet their required annual spend and last time I enquired it was north of £30k a year
That makes sense, I think our spend would be around £10k so no where near enough sadly
It would still be worth a try speaking to Nike, even if they say no. They could put you in touch with a supplier who could offer you a good price.
I can get them for you for £10/ shirt, but minimum qty is 1,000 shirts.

You can either make me a list of colors and sizes, or get the standard box ratio.

Lead time is 4 weeks.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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