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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forums as you might have guessed and I am looking forward to learn more about making T-Shirts and other forms of printing.

About myself: I am a German engineer who was send to Shanghai by his company. I would say I love beeing creative and I consider myself very compassionate concerning my sport.

A few years ago still back in Germany I was to make a few t-shirts for the club. That was my first experience with printing t-shirts. That were 20 pieces with a flex print on the back and a small embrodery on the chest. The price was something like 12 Euro per piece, so rather cheap I would say.

Now that I am in China I wanted to make some T-Shirts for another club as a present. I was thinking that T-Shirts themselves should be even cheaper here compared to Europe and the techniques should also be avaibable. However, I have real difficulties finding something adequate. There only seem to be shops that offer digital transfere with colour transitions (I am not sure if I am using the right term) or screen printing with larger productions. There is one american shop here that I seem to offer everything, but for that price I can already make the shirts in Europe.

Does anyone have an advice? Should I perhaps buy my own heat press? Is there anything I should take care of when doing business in China?

Thank's in advance
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