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Nighclub outfits..

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I am working with a nightclub to develop the outfits for their in-house girls. The description given to me was "barely dressed".

So far, about all I have come up with is the Continental hot pants and bandeau bra combo. I have vinyl and screenprinting capabilities.

Has anyone else sourced garments for a similar job? I REALLY dont want to go shopping for womens clubwear in person, heh.

Thanks in advance
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They also have a fairly good selection of printable womens stuff at american apparel. I would also check them out.
I'd definitely take a look at American Apparel. That's more or less one of their product specialities, and they have a great online store, most of their products pictured on several models, etc.
I agree with the two postings above. American Apparel seems to have the best fit and selection. We have done some shirts for restaurants and bars in the area and have gotten a good response.
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