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Sorry guys if this is in the wrong sections, but im wondering of anyone has any experience with nicking tshirt (Necks and sleeves).

Thanks a bunch!

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Nicking as in distressing a shirt?

A hand grinder with the various attachments is a good way for doing a limited number. If you are talking about a lot, there are blanks you can buy that are already distressed.
well i have a bunch of belt sanders, and im looking at about 10 000 units, necks, sleeves and bottoms. I can do it, but im looking for a way to increase productivity. If someone has any tricks or techniques of holding the garments, what grit to use etc ...? Or should i just cut them up with razor blades and wash them?

Wash 10,000 shirts? :eek:

Any obstacles to buying the shirts already distressed?
their are no suplliers that sell already sanded shirts... in canada anyways. Yeah 10000, we are not only garment printers, but also garment dyers,fabric printers and fabric dyers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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