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Re: Start Ups- Niche Markets Part II

SlogoMogul said:
that's why I was trying to narrow my market by contemplating "funny-offensive-sports" OR gay, or some other NICHE. I am going to do some investigating via wordtracker.
I'm not sure "gay t-shirt" is a niche in anything like the same way that "offensive shirt" or "sports shirt" is. What exactly is a "gay" shirt? Who exactly searches for a "gay tshirt"? I suspect gay people, like all people, are *far* more likely to be searching for a *type* of shirt. It's very different from, say, a cultural shirt (such as "rasta shirt").

I'd also advise against just throwing a dart at a board to pick a niche. Do something you like, or something you wear. If you have the fashion sense of a shaved goat, you're not going to be great at making fashionable shirts. If you have zero sports interest, you're going to get very bored making Grand Prix shirts. If you have no sense of humour (a tricky one, as everyone presumes they have, especially those who do not), you're not going to be selling many funny shirts.
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