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T-BOT said:
actually i read somewhere that successfull retailers are the ones that sell to wide age groups.
Maybe. That whole something for everyone angle. The problem is there is very little that everybody needs (above example notwithstanding), though I guess t-shirts are getting closer than most products.

I think with a wide age range of products, you would still prune down your marketing. Marketing to mothers for example, where one person may buy a product from every age range you have.

The problem with wide marketing (other than it simply failing to find a target) is that you run the risk of alienating buyers. In the examples above, the college market is often very homophobic, so if you have a site split into gay and college markets you might deter some of your buyers (and while we could well say good riddance to bad rubbish, it won't make you a living).

If you market to young and old, you run the risk that the old will think the store is not selling the kind of clothes they would wear, and that the young will think it's uncool.

If you can appeal to a wide age range, obviously that means more potential revenue. But like everything else it's a risk.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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