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Re: Start Ups- Niche Markets Part II

SlogoMogul said:
niche market # 1- the college market. This seems to be the largest part of the "funny-offensive" market. However, there seem to be more and more of these sites all the time. This is supposedly a very lucrative market for the top sites. I'm wondering if this market is in danger of becoming saturated?
Well, that's true the market is saturated. Not only in the t-shirt industry. It's everywhere, movies(be it comedy or horror), cars, jeans, etc. For sure, each of these have their own context, but we(I say we because we are all concerned about that) have to come up with new original styles. Maybe you guys know about the designs using the Coca-Cola logo font. It started with a 'Cocaine' t-shirt in the '70s, then we had 'Sara-Jevo'. These two examples were based on the same concept but different ideas. I personally think, whether saturated or not, the target audience will always be looking for new stuffs and also new design concepts. I'm 100% optimist about that. And that's what makes the t-shirt business so challenging and 'life-threatening', it's about being among the best.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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