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Re: Start Ups- Niche Markets Part II

SlogoMogul said:
niche market # 1- the college market. This seems to be the largest part of the "funny-offensive" market. However, there seem to be more and more of these sites all the time. This is supposedly a very lucrative market for the top sites. I'm wondering if this market is in danger of becoming saturated?
It already is - but so is the t-shirt industry in general. That doesn't mean you can't suceed there, but you may have to work at it more.

SlogoMogul said:
niche market # 2- the gay market- As I tried to find gay t-shirt sites I feel like I have found an opportunity OR maybe this is not a huge t-shirt market? It seems like most of the sites I came across were using cafepress(which makes me wonder if people are making any money....are they using cafepress because they aren't selling enough t-shirts to justify creating a website?) However, most of these sites are the more typical gay pride, rainbow design, type sites.....which is not at all what i would be doing.
I would wager that most gay folks aren't going to search for "gay t-shirts" or anything like that. There will be a few, sure, but it's not going to be a major category like 'funny' or 'christian'; people will search for the shirts they want reguardless of orientation I imagine.

SlogoMogul said:
I have thought before maybe I could have different categories such as gay, college, etc......but then all i'm doing is complicating my marketing efforts and trying to appeal to two different markets that don't have alot in common....what is it they say? "Marketing to everyone is marketing to NO ONE"
There are successful shops in both areas - some target everything, some target things very specific; there is no "right" answer. Those two would make ridiculous generalized cateogries though, in my opinion ;)

SlogoMogul said:
Any insight to these markets in relation to buying "funny-offensive" t-shirts would be greatly appreciated.
If you're worried about saturated markets, I would worry more about 'funny-offensive' than 'college'. I don't think of seen any genre more widespread in t-shirts than offensive humor stuff... of course, this implies that they are popular products as well, and there's always 'room for a little more' so to speak.
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