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Nice to meet you.

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Hi t-shirt people,
I've been peeping this forum for a few weeks, and finally decided to register. I've found this place to be a great source of information for a beginner like me, so thanks for sharing your knowledge! :)

I'm very serious about starting my own business selling t-shirts online. I've already registered my business name and domain, opened a business account, started setting up my website, and ordered some DTG samples.

I'm a graphic designer professionally, and I'm looking to do high-quality designer shirts. As a salesperson, I think it's easier to sell something that you're proud of. I haven't been satisfied with what I've seen from DTG printing so far (I'm excited by the technology for sure). I understand that there are tremendous advantages to the process (especially with print-on-demand and drop shipping), but the quality just isn't there for me yet.

Anyway, thanks for reading my intro. I'll see you on the boards!
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Welcome to the forums. I have found some really nice (and complex) DTG prints. Maybe it depends on who's printing them.
Thanks, Dee and Loretta!

I don't mean to hate on DTG at all. I think it's an amazing technology, and for certain designs I imagine it would be a perfect solution.
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