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I have a working ST1E Tenstion meter for Sale. It comes in the factory box, fitted neatly in foam. Also in the box is a plate of glass(??).

It is in fine working order. Askin $250 shipped to the US.

"The Newman ST1E Meter is the only meter in the world with all stainless steel hardened gears, shock-proof industrial grade internal gear movement and all jewel sapphire bearings, giving you a screen tension meter of exceptional quality that will last longer and produce consistent readings every time. (All other mechanical meters have non-compound softer brass gears and bushing, greatly reducing their shock-resistance, long-term accuracy and life.) The crystal is shatterproof and curved to avoid glare and the heavy-duty protective aluminum housing makes for the most durable meter made anywhere."

1 - 4 of 4 Posts