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Hello, I am a new newbie, been reading a lot and gathering equipment and making my own equipment thanks to several posts here on this forum.

here is my 1st write up.

I use a 32mm Wrench. this is the correct size for the newman roller screens, I read somewhere here that people were buying an American size and filing it to make it work. I customized it myself (die grinder) to tighten my roller screens, I have no concerns getting the tension that I need.

next, I bought a peace of 1 1/2" angle aluminum and some lag bolts and washers to hold the screen down while I tension/re-mesh the screens.

here are a couple photos of my setup.

I use 1/2 conduit tubing brackets to hold the mesh while I slide in the locking strips (Lowes) $0.56 each, I bought 6. (also read that on this forum).

I hope this can help a newbie like me,



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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