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Hey guys,

I've been using aluminium glue frames so far, but with the benefits of retensionable frames am looking to go the Newman route.

I built my own drying rack to pretty tight tolerances - the aluminium frames just slide into the gaps between wooden battens that are screwed to a wall in a corner. So both 1 short side and 1 long side of the frame locate inbetween the battens.

In addition, I boxed the whole lot in and added a lightproof door for good measure. I don't want to have to rebuild the drying rack unit if I can get away with it.

Can anyone tell me how close the Newman frame thickness and dimensions are to the Aluminium frames? Their website seems to be lacking the data, and also mixes up ID and OD in the manual data table through the size range, (kinda wierd).

I'll be using these on a manual press, so expect I will end up with the Newman frames with the square end.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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