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Newly Single Mom

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Hello everyone! My name is Lisette. I am starting my own t shirt business from home. I already have a couple of jobs lined up! Very excited. I still have a lot of questions. So i am very excited about posting questions and hearing everyone's helpful feedback.
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Enjoy the of starting your own business, it's a joy if you love doing art and dealing with your Boss(Customers)

Welcome Lisette. As a single mom, I am sure many people here will be willing to help out as they do other members. Since you "have a couple of jobs lined up!" are you already printing?
not printing yet. i am getting ready to purchase a machine. But i have some questions. i am just getting the word out for potential clients and the response has been incredible! i am thinking of ordering a machine from a company where you get the printer for cheaper, but you have to buy a certain amount of heat transfers paper with purchase. not sure if its worth it.
I hope to see you starting soon then.

For the bundled paper, if it is not the brand you want then try to negotiate for the press alone. Do you have any brand and model in mind?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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