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hey everyone...my boyfriend and I have started small and we recently purchased an EPSON CX7800 printer to get things rolling with our t shirt business. We figured that we would buy the printer first, then we could start making smaller designs and using the hand iron to put them on the shirts. Once we start selling those ideas we were hoping to have the money to purchase the heat press by xmas.

I do have some questions:

even though we are only using a hand iron, I still want to come out with the best transfer possible. Obviously the cheap transfer paper you buy at the store has you print the image directly on the paper then you just iron the paper onto the shirt. That isnt exactly what I am looking for right now...

One of the designs that we have includes words and with that paper, they say you have to cut completely around the object or else the white background of the paper will show....

can anyone recommend a good transfer paper that ony transfers the ink that we can use with a hand iron?

http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b200/xjkxdesigns/t shirt designs/FLPRIDEFRONT.gif
this is one of the first designs that I am trying to accomplish and I hope it is not completely impossible using a hand iron....
i read on bestblanks.com that some of the transfer paper they sell can transfer the ink only with a a hand iron...does anyone know anything about this paper?

http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b200/xjkxdesigns/t shirt designs/ribbonheartshirt.jpg

this is a shirt that i made with our ribbon heart design....and i used that cheap transfer paper that just irons the paper with the image onto the shirt....it works ok for this design but it will NOT work for the design above..

if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it..


Kristyn and Justin
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