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Newby into

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I just joined today so this is my first post. I am researching the best equipment, supplies, etc. to purchase for this endeavor:(
I am 70, but still learning.
Thanks for your time. Now I will just go back to learning:)
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
Wow. Age doesn't matter, right.

Thanks for the welcomes! I already own a Quick Print shop, but keep getting requests for t-shirts and signs and since printing is down right now and I have requests for these items and I can't live on social security, thought I would get some equipment and give it a try.

I have a heat press, an OCE 12x18 copier and an OKIdata printer, an Epson CX 8400 injet, a mug press, a pad printer, and an automatic button machine that will print 600 ph at full speed. We don't go that fast though, and before I started this business, I silkscreened in a commercial shop for 12 years.

I mostly want to do t-shirts and am interested in the vinyls and foils and the no-weed laser tranfers so will be looking for equipment to do those things. I get my foil from Crown Roll in 24" rolls and I have a roll cutter so I can cut it to any size needed.

Thanks so much, talk again later, Cora.
Hello I also just joined today! I am mainly looking to find a someone willing to wholesale sublimation products to me. I want to focus on Fundraisers and actually used to work for a very know sublimation website www.simply-sublime.com so I can answer alot of questions people have about their products.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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