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Hi All,

Forum virgin here... :p First post.

I've been lurking around this forum for the past few months. I went to the NBM Show at Long Beach a few weeks ago and browsed around. Had a chance to meet Lou "badalou" and got a few tips from him (Thank you Lou)

I have been putting together my arsenal of "tools" to fully absorb this hobby/future business:

Phoenix Phire 16x16
Seiki Tech 15x15 (backup press)
Roland GX-24
Oki C3400n
Workforce 1100 w/ inkjetcarts CIS
Corel Draw X4
AI Illustrator CS3
Good variety of samples: transfer paper, vinyl etc.
What else do I need.....suggestions???

I got ride of a few unwanted "toys" (digital SLR, spare road bike) to acquire my "tools" :D

I almost pulled the trigger on a used DTG (Anajet)

I'm leaning towards the t-shirt side of the biz... Anyone care to enlighten a newbie about this industry? Tips? advice? warnings?

I'm looking forward to learning and making new friends on this forum. This forum has been very informative.

Thank you and God Bless.


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Should should probably get a screen printing press, conveyor dryer, flash dryer, and washout booth or large stainless steel sink.

Monrovia, California, I'm originally from San Dimas (near raging waters). Yo cuz! Is the Smog still really bad? I moved ten years ago and you wouldn't believe the difference in smog on the east coast.

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conveyor dryer is good but you would want to test things out first if you actually would like doing this.
im a newbie and used my flash dryer to dry my shirts and it works fine. just slows me down a little.
but i've made enough $$ with few little jobs i had to get a return on my investment and buy other stuff.

are u going to be making your own designs or just gonna print for others?

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I'm going to agree with euphoricgear.

I bought used and put together a whole shop, minus the computer and software because I had those already, for under $2000.

Sure I want the latest and greatest but for the time being I need to start making money and then I will update the gear.

By the way, I was able to pick up a 6/6 and a 6/4 printer and a sweet 4/4 hat printer along with a conveyor dryer and flash.
Plus, all the other stuff I needed, exposure table, washout sink, screens (all wooden but as I go I will be replacing them with metal frames) and ink.

It took me almost 9 months to get it all but you can do it if you keep looking.

Good luck.

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I bought some things new and some things used. I believe if you invest in equipment there's no quiting. At least until you made your money back.

We bought screen printing, vinyl and a couple of heat presses for the different types of jobs. We have four separate configs. Screen Printing, Vinyl, Transfers, and pad printing. We do each of these which keeps us busy.

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that's the guy's email and this is the email info he sent me.


The Fall classes don’t start till Oct. 30th, so there’s time to learn some
Illustrator or Photoshop, or improve your skills, before taking the Screen
Printing class.

Illustrator & Photoshop tutoring for screen-printing, is only $95 for four
1-hour sessions. Most tutors charge that much for just one hour. Mine are one
on one, so you don’t have to share me with anyone else; all 4 hours are devoted
to you and your needs. My prices will remain this low as long as the economy
remains bad. After that, they will go up, so take advantage of me now! Contact
me to arrange a private schedule.

The Fall schedule for the Screen Printing classes is:

Saturdays: Oct. 30th, thru Nov. 20th - 9am to noon.
Mondays: Nov. 1st thru Nov. 22nd - 6:30 to 9:30pm.

Each class consists of four 3-hour sessions, held once a week. The cost is now
$120, which includes all the supplies you’ll need (except anything special you
might want to print on), and plans for making you’re your own inexpensive print
press and exposure set up. Payment can be made during the first session, or in
weekly installments of at least $30 per session. Personal checks are OK, but of
course, cash rocks. If you want to attend, just e-mail me that you’re coming
and bring payment to the first session.

I have tons of info for you, so please arrive on time. There will be an
assignment to create a design for the second session, so to remember the
requirements for your art; it might be helpful to take notes.

I will teach you the complete process, from developing a 1 color design that
that will be easy to print, to making your own screen & producing successful
prints. I will also show you how you can repeat the whole process on your own.
Set up a little print shop in your little apartment if you want. I’ve done it –
it’s cheap & easy! My studio & I are also available, by appointment, for your
screen-printing needs.

I will also reduce enrollment fees for groups of 3 or more, so bring your
friends, family & coworkers. The discount depends upon the number of people you
bring, but it will be generous.

I also teach another class, focusing on multi-color printing; however, I require
completion of the beginning class before allowing students into that one.

My address is 5362 W Adams Blvd, 90016, which is 1 block south of the Santa
Monica Freeway, between Fairfax & La Brea. Street parking within a block of my
studio should be easy to find. I am on the second floor, above a tattoo parlor
& a braid shop. The middle door is mine. There is a little coffee house, an
Armenian bakery, a small grocery store with an ATM machine and several Mexican
restaurants within easy walking distance, for your convenience. So please come
early, get some goodies and get comfortable in my little studio before class.
I’ll open my door 15 minutes before class time.

If you have any more questions, please write back.

Whenever you want to be removed from my mailing list, please let me know.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Craig Moore

I DONT KNOW THE GUY - I'm thinking of taking classes from him too.
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