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Hi Guys, am new here. Recently bought a epson F2100:D , ready to start, anyone willing to help me out?:confused::D
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just start, try, get experienced its a long road. but iam pretty suru u will find a lot of help here. welcome
whats the recommended temp and curing time for white tees and black cotton tees?
the one that comes with epson F2100
here my settings and my materials

t-shirt brand - cotton heritage 4.5oz ringspun . very nice and sweet for DTG
firebird pretrement. about 2oz on 30*40 platen (i dilute the pretreatment with watter using 3parts of pretreatment and 1 part of water) i do this not to get more prints. i dilute it cause water helps to make a robust application.
and duppont artistr ink

spray about 2oz of pretratment,
for curing i use 305F and go for 10secs the let it breath a couple seconds and go another 10. 0 presure
after print, i do 0-1 presure. 60secs+60secs + 60secs if a lot of white underbase. so total 180 if not to much white underbase just 60+60

cure is ready when no steam cames out when you lift press.

hope can help you
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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