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Hello everyone! I'm so excited I found this site! I have recently been asked to design some Tshirts for a startup clothing company.

I have come up with some cool designs, but I really need to know the size requirements to ensure I am creating the files correctly.

The printing method is DTG and here are their requirements

Preferred File Formats:
EPS Saved as an .EPS. Only Vector based files, no Photoshop EPS. Saved with type converted to outlines or with both printer and screen fonts included.
Adobe Illustrator (PC only) (vector art). Saved with type converted to outlines or with both printer and screen fonts included. Make sure all linked graphics are included. Images that are imported into Illustrator can either be 'linked' or 'embedded'. Illustrator documents saved in .eps format automatically embed the image in the file.
Adobe Photoshop (PC only) (scanned or 4-color process images). Saved preferably with layers intact – please include font files or rasterize fonts.
Acceptable File Formats
High Resolution (300dpi) JPG
Corel Draw (PC only-version 10 or lower) Fonts converted to curves.
TIFF and JPEG: may be used with the understanding that color matching may not be possible and that the quality of the final print is very dependent upon the resolution of the file submitted. This means that any graphic pulled off the web will not work. Opening it in photoshop and "rezzing it up" will not help. Please see section on File Quality and Resolution.

I created my designs in photoshop at 300dpi, CMYK and saved them as psd's but I don't know the size in inches I need to make the design for a full front design. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and have a FANTASTIC day!

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