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hey everyone,

im just starting a t-shirt biz and would appreciate the support of you experts to help me getting it off the ground right. one of my first questions is that i have the shirt designs created on paper/computer but who is the best company to have them made, especially if i didnt want to make bulk orders and have inventory in my house? the goal was to have customers buy from the website then send the order to the manufacturer then have them ship directly to customer. is that an unrealistic request just starting off? thx for feedback in advance!
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I think you have to deal in very large quanities for a manufacturer to agree to a deal like you are suggesting. When I checked into that as I was developing my company, the factories were quoting 10,000+. Also, you can't control how it looks when they ship. I am a firm believer in setting yourself apart from the rest with great packaging! You can see the custom box we developed if you would like on my site www.reflectyourpower.com. You might be better off with blanks and hold your own inventory. That way you can deal in lower volume until you figure our which designs are selling.
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