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It's probably best to take things step by step :)

First question you have, write it down on a piece of paper. Then use the search box at the top of the page of this site to find an answer to that question.

So if you need a blank t-shirt wholesaler, you type that in at the top, then see all the hundreds of answers that pop up :) We have a whole section of the forum for finding blank t-shirt wholesalers:
Wholesale T-Shirts and Other Imprintable Products - T-Shirt Forums

You want your own tags, then you search for custom tags or relabeling, and you'll find hundreds of answers about where to get custom tags, how to get relabeling done. We even have a whole section of the forum about relabeling: T-Shirt Tag Relabeling and Finishing - T-Shirt Forums

Just about any question you have will probably have an answer that is already posted here :)

One of the best ways to research how to start is to start with our "START" popular search tag here. It will link you to some great threads that specifically cover how to get your design to a finished t-shirt and all the little details in between:

start related topics at T-Shirt Forums

To answer your specific question. Continental Clothing is a blank t-shirt wholesaler that has offices in the UK, and they may be able relabel for you. Local printer vs online is just a matter of preference. If you can find someone local to do what you want at a reasonable price, then why not use them. If you can't find someone local to do what you need, then the world is at your fingertips via the internet. You email your designs to a t-shirt printer, they then take the design and usually supply the blanks and print your t-shirts and ship them to you.
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