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Hello - My name is Ken and I am new to T-shirt Forum...I'm older than dirt, but for some reason, I have become very interested in T-shirt printing - I am not artistic, I am color-blind (red/green), and I don't have any $$ to get involved in this endeavor, but I am very interested in the process. I've seen demos of a DTG machine and that really impresses me - I've recently had 20 shirts screen printed for a party that we hold every year and I was fortunate enough to get the company (Deppesh Clothing in Sarasota, Fl) to allow me to see the entire process from burning the screen, inking the shirts and then drying the shirts. That just increased my interest in screen printing. I currently use CorelDrawX6 to doodle around in - I am in awe of some of the artwork I see on t-shirts advertised on the internet and just wish that I could produce something 1/100th as good.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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